IC/Mortals: Nightmare

OOC: Sorry, this is the best way for me to hit all mortals players at the same time. Some of this know more about this than others. This is a regional plot with me being the primary POC. Please distribute accordingly. ;)


Your Mortals Venue character (no, your cool vampire does not get this! :p) stumbles to bed. At some point even if you went to bed early an enormous weight overpowers you and your eyes feel like sandbags. You sleep deeply and soundly.

During your sleep you have a dream. The dream is the picture attached to this email. While at the begining of the dream you move towards the figure as you get close you hear a yell: "MOOOOOOOTHER!!!!!!!" and you violently wake up.


NOTE: This only happens once to you and only while your character is within the SW Region. If you have logged actions with your VST that reequire you to not go to sleep within two days of this email (hey, I've done that before) or if you have proxied your character outside the Region you do NOT get the dream. If you do not want to get involved in Regional Plot your character simply shrugs off the dream as a weird occurence and moves on.

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SWRE Mortals Venue Teaser

The stones are in place. Behind me, my cultists shuffle forward through the howling wind. Each kneels down before the altar slab, chants the phrase, "O, Belial! Show me wonders beyond space and time!" then bends forward to kiss the blood-soaked stone.
Then I do my work: an ancient stone dagger rammed into the spot where the skull meets the spine. The dagger is blunt with ages spent in the underwater sands, so the butchery takes all the strength I can muster.
After I've killed each of them, their bodies shamble toward the frozen beach and into the icy waters of the Bay.
Now the murder is done, and the few remaining cultists gather around me as I stand atop the ebony stone slab, slick with blood. I face the waters and shout into the howling winds: "Arise, Belial, arise! Arise, Belial, arise!"
I feel a shudder within the world, and dimly I see a sharp crack in the roiling sea at the horizon. The thing that should not be, is coming.
Johnny went to his room. The same old room he had lived in for years. His parents, clearly disatisfied with his latest habbit, the computer, had revolked his priviledges until his grades improved.
As he stood there in the darkness, oblivious that his rage was turning his body into...something else, someone walked in behind him and turned on the light. He quickly put his hands in his pockets out of reflex and turned around.
"Remember what me and your Mom said. No computer until we get a test with B or better young man."
"Yes sir."
The man sighed. "Listen Johnny, we are doing this because we love you. At some point you will thank us. There are more important things out there than the computers."
Johnny couldn't think of any. "Yes sir."
The man walked out of the room. Johnny felt like Neo from the movie The Matrix. Remember when the computer talked to him too? He knew what he had to do.
Later that night Johnny, after a brief stop to his parent's bedroom, he walked to the living room where his parents were enjoying an old western. At the sight of him they both turned. His father spoke.
"What is it Johnny?"
"I....I love you Dad."
"Well...I love you too son."
Johnny raised the weapon and fired twice into his father's face. He did the same to his mother before she had a chance to react. He was finally free.
...And if a similar event had not happened about 50 times around the SW Region within a week it would have probably never even made the news.
MAKE MONEY FAST!! (All SW Region Round Table members must meet) ENLARGE YOUR BREASTS!! (Significant increase of paranormal activity) YOUR EBAY ACCOUNT IS HACKED!! (Affects everyone, we must act) YOU CANNOT REFUSE THIS OFFER!! GET STEAKS FOR ONE YEAR!! (Protect those who must be protected) LONELY? A DATE FOR YOU!! (San Francisco)

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Earthquakes in Kansas

Earthquake Rattles Northern Kansas City

Geologists Baffled

Saturday, October 1st, Kansas City, Missouri was rocked with an earthquake causing the Governor to declare a state of emergency. The quake occurred at 9:42PM CST in the area one mile North of I-35 and 210 Hwy (Armour Rd). It was rated by Geologists as a 4.6 on the Richter Scale. Extensive damage was reported directly after the quake due to buildings in the metro area not having the structural integrity to handle such an occurrence. Many collapses to hotels and business centers near the epicenter were reported as well as extensive damage to North Kansas City Hospital. Cerner Coorporate Headquarters also noted partial building collapse, loss of many windows, and much damage to surrounding company vehicles from broken glass and other debris.

Damage is estimated in the hundred of millions of dollars. It is not likely that a definite number will be released for at least a month. The death toll is also unofficial, but is somewhere below a thousand individuals. Traffic in the metro area is chaotic due to engineers testing the bridges over the Missouri river to see if they can still withstand the weight of the amount of traffic they receive on a daily basis. Persons with travel plans to, or through the metro area are encouraged to find alternate routes around the city and to avoid major highways.

Cleanup crews have been working non-stop with county government workers coming in from across Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri with trucks and machinery needed. FEMA and Red Cross Volunteers, not already helping with Hurricane relief efforts, have been sent to the epicenter and surrounding area to aid in cleanup and relocation for homeless individuals. Patients of North Kansas City Hospital have been transported to hospitals throughout the metro area. Members of the National Guard have also filtered in to assist the KCPD in traffic redirection and general law enforcement.

Geologists are investigating the cause of the “faultless” quake. The closest fault line lies in Southeast Missouri, the New Madrid Fault. A major earthquake in the area of this fault line (7.5 or greater) happens every 200-300 years (the last one in 1812). There is a 10% chance of such a disaster by the year 2000 and a 25% chance by 2040. A New Madrid Fault rupture this size would be felt throughout half the United States and damage expected in 20 states or more. Missouri alone could anticipate losses of at least $6 billion from such an event. But this was not the case in this quake. Scientists from around the nation are converging on Kansas City to research satellite images and other Geological data obtained during the quake to help determine the cause.
Questions can be directed to Christopher Leeson, NC RST, at ncrstcamarilla@gmail.com. Kudos for writing this article go to Kimberly Campbell.


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